Our laundering techniques are expertly adapted to the condition, age and fabric content
of your fine linens. We give individual attention to each item, examining linens for stains and
potential damage to determine the optimal laundering and care needed. One example of a
rare tradition maintained by The Laundry is our use of copper boilers, a time-tested method
of effectively removing stains and whitening linens.
We can provide all services your linens require to be restored to their full natural beauty.
You can be assured of our expert attention to detail because we are committed to your full satisfaction.
We want you to feel confident that you can enjoy your fine linens every day.

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Linens are stretched to their original dimensions on large tables. An old-world technique, table drying
leaves a finish superior to simple ironing.
Once the cloth is completely dry, we carefully iron pinholes out and then finish edges just prior
to packaging. Laundered linens are carefully folded, protected between folds of acid-free tissue paper,
placed on flat boards, full or half rollers, or roller hangers wrapped in acid-free tissue paper.
We guarantee all linens will be returned to you in absolutely pristine condition.

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